From the end of the eighties Decade of 20th Century, the helicopter applied in business line and naitonal defence have increased rapidly. Helicopter demands for training, search and rescue, VIP flight service, oil and gas operating have raised significantly. On the other hand, a number of Russian helicopters in religional countries are also increasingly.

The civil helicopter activities have grown up so they required the repairing and maintenance services with high quality in order to assure for safety, efficient flights and certainly fitting to the international standards.

From the practical situation above, based ties among engineering Helicopter Factories of SNG union and A42 Plant of Vietnam, by which signed a contract to establish “Bienhoa Joint-Venture Helicopter Repairirng Company”, HELITECHCO for now and for short.
Bien Hoa joint-venture helicopter repairing company was granted the investment license No. 811/GP dated March 2nd, 1994 by Planning and Investment department of Dong Nai province.


Acquiring technology process and repairing experience from MIL helicopter engineering plant and KAZAN helicopter manufacturing plant. Investing technology equipments, documents to assure overhauling helicopters and their spare parts.

– Training and improving repairing helicopter ability for vietnamese technician and assure the requirements of international standards.

– Based of experience in helicopter repairing and maintaining of MI family, in addition to extend into other kinds of helicopter.

– Supporting Viet Nam and regional countries market the high quality of  repairing, maintenance helicopter gradually and certainly suitable for any Viet Nam and international standards.




From 2004 with the anticipation of Vietnam Helicopters Corporation, HELITECHCO would be a repairing, maintaining technical aviation facility dynamically, diversified and to be a confident address of domestic and foreign customers.

Present members of HELITECHCO including:


1 – Vietnam Helicopters Corporation.
Add: 172 Truong Chinh street, Dong Da district, Ha Noi Capital, Viet Nam.

2 – Helicopter Repairing Company of Ministry of Defense (A42 plant)
Add: Bien Hoa airport, Dong Nai Province.


3 – MIL helicopter engineering plant.
Add: No 2, Sokolnhichenskival streest, Moscow city, Russia.

4 – KAZAN Manufacturing helicopter plant.
Add: Kazan city, Russia.

5 – SERVERT Limited Company
Add: 107113 Moscow, Russia.

Service Flight Company of Viet Nam

A leading company of Viet Nam and South-East Asia, operates in exploiting helicopter  field that serves for search and exploit oil and gas, tour flight, search and rescue flight, MIA service and others.

With two service flight companies member (VNHS, VNHN), VNH is owning a modern helicopter fleet, international standard technicians and pilots, hence it is able to supply flights in every conditions in Viet Nam and the rest of the world.

VNH is a financial potential and able to satisfy every invested demand for repairing and maintaining helicopters.

For further information, please refer to website at www.vnh.com.vn

Helicopter Repairing Company of Ministry of Defense (A-42 Factory)

A leading division of Viet Nam antiaircraft and air force arm which has ability to repair, recover various helicopters manufactured by Russia and America. This company, with over 30 working years in technical aviation in Viet Nam – skilled wokers, engineerers and sufficient facility, which can be able to build a national, international technical standard foundation.

Moscow helicopter engineering plant (Mil Design Bureau) 

That has an expert team experiencing on engineering and experiment which is the designer of MI helicopter enabling to decide MI-family operations. With prominent characteristics MI helicopters have been applied in various sectors through over the world.
With combination between MIL and HELITECHCO, MI helicopters in Vietnam and regional countries have been improved to satisfy oil and gas flights offshore and acknowledged as a specialized aircraft offshore.

For further information, please refer to website at www.mi-helicopter.ru

Kazan helicopters manufacturing plant

This is the top helicopter manufacturer having a high market share in the world’s industry. The helicopters produced by Kazan are available in very sectors. With continuous improvement slogan, Kazan has already met increasing demands and its helicopters are chosen as an optimal ones.

For further information, please refer to website at www.kazanhelicopters.com

Servet Co., Ltd. – Russian Federation

Servet company is known as an potential trading and services provider which could give the most perfect services, particularly in material provision meeting helicopter using and repairing requirements.

HELITECHCO organization structure

Organization model of the joint venture
–    It is included Directors Board, Supervision Committee and General Director
–    There also have various departments consisting of trading, finance, planning, technical assurance, quality control as well as aviation technical maintenance and repairing workshops.


Through 20-year operation, HELITECHCO has been accredited and appraised by domestic and oversea customers. Being enthusiastic and responsible, considering the customers’ benefits as ours, sustaining quality in accordance with Vietnam and the world’s standards, HELITECHCO has been granted certificates eligible for aviation maintenance and repairing services as follows:

– Bien Hoa Joint Venture Helicopter Repairing Company, now updated Helicopter Technical Service Company (HELITECHCO) was granted the first investment license No. 811/GP dated March 2nd, 1994 and revised upon the license No. 881/GCNDC8-DN/47/1 dated March 23rd, 200 by Planning and Investment department of Dong Nai province. Accordingly, the company has been engaged in repairing various helicopters, supplying equipment as well as import-export services in the aviation industry.

– State registration Office – Russian Ministry of Economy granted the certificate No. 423.19 about listing HELITECHCO as the state’s oversea company.

– Engaged in the aviation industry, HELITECHCO always complies with Vietnam Aviation Bureau’s rules and regulations. Equipped repairing equipment, infrastructure and workshop in accordance with Vietnam Aviation Bureau’s standard, HELITECHCO has been granted the certificate No. VN-004/CAAV dated May 7th, 2002 as the helicopter maintenance company suitable with clause 145 of Vietnam aviation rule (VAR-145).

– On March 26th, 2004, HELITECHCO was granted the certificate by Mil institute about rights of repairing MI-family helicopters and spare-parts after many years constructing and developing.

– HELITECHCO’s technicians have been granted the aviation technician certificates in line with QCHK-66 upon decision No. 2660/QD-CHK dated November 01st, 2006.

– Currently, we are working out and applying quality management system ISO:9000/2000.


Through many years of operation, HELITECHCO has been known as the top company in Mi-family repairing in Vietnam and regional countries. With market development and expansion strategy, HELITECHCO has been accredited by the customers as:

– VNHS that is the top company in helicopter application for oil-gas and rescue flights.

– VNHN that is the top company in helicopter application for MIA flights.

– Vietnamese Air Force, Lao Air Force, Cambodia Air Force, Indonesian Army Aviation, Sri Lanka Air Force, Bangladesh Air Force, etc…

– Companies from Papua New Guinea, Australia, etc…