HELITECHCO is an integration between technologies and people, engineering-fabrication and user. By harmonic combination among MIL engineering institute, Kazan plant, A42 plant, VNH Vietnam and HELITECHCO’s talent technician and engineer team, MI-family helicopters have been overhauled and repaired with high quality in HELITECHCO’s workshops. Since putting into operation, there have hundreds of MI-family helicopters in the regional countries to be overhauled and repaired and thousands of flight hours to be executed at the most safety.

With our services, you will economize your expense and get our supports at any time and any place


– With state of the art assembly line and infrastructure, we could repair various spare parts of MI-family helicopters as your diversified requirements. Our experienced engineer team always tries all efforts in services so as to meet your flight demands quickly. Parts which have been repaired in our workshop are main and rear propellers, shock reducer, main and rear rotators, intermediate and rear speed reducers, reinforcement devices, auto incline plate, rear transmission axis, etc.

– We have also cooperated with other workshops such as Ministry of Defense’s helicopter repairing company, Northern and Southern flight service companies so as to check and repair aviation’s electric and electronic equipment and radiotelegraphy.

– HELITECHCO undertakes that aviation’s equipment repaired and maintained will be checked and tested by technological equipment appropriate to their requirements which is always improved and modernized in line with the aviation industry’s development.


On relation basis with MIL institute, Kazan plant and the world’s aviation equipment suppliers, HELITECHCO could provide you various aviation’s spare parts with reasonable price.

We always try to deliver these spare parts to you at the quickest and the most safety so that thy could be put into operation effectively.

HELITECHCO is also a connector to helicopter users for giving supports another in every sector.


With talent and experience technician and engineer team in the aviation industry to be granted essential certificates by Vietnam aviation bureau, HELITECHCO is possible to provide a high-quality human resource to domestic and oversea companies for the aviation’s repairing and maintenance as their request.


Through helicopter repairing experience, HELITECHCO could provide services for improving the helicopter on basis of manufacturer’s technical specifications such as:

– To improve military aircraft as passenger one
– To improve MI-17 as MI-17-1V
– To install floatation gear for flight off-shore.
– To repair and rehabilitate collided aircrafts.
– And other improvements proposed by the manufacturers or customers’ demand.

Furthermore, HELITECHCO could fabricate testing devices with a purpose to checking operations of equipment thereby increasing effectiveness and reducing expense.


As permitted by Vietnam aviation bureau and agreement with MIL Moscow engineering institute, on basis of the manufacturers’ technical specifications, HELITECHCO enables to provide you the aviation techniques’ hour and expiry increase services for Mi-family helicopters.